Anyone for Tennis? Quiz

Welcome to your Anyone for tennis ?

What are the origins of the word "tennis" ?

The first tennis games were played without rackets. In which century were rackets first used ? 

Which word is NOT used in tennis scores?

Which of the following words do NOT  describe tennis strokes?

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. When was the first tournament?

The Wimbledon tournament is played on grass. The grass is kept at a strict length, what is it?

During the Wimbledon fortnight there are 674 matches (men, women, doubles, junior and invitation tournaments), and the tennis balls are changed after every 7 to 9 games. So do a quick many tennis balls are used during the tournament?

These people play an important part during the Wimbledon fortnight. What is their role?

All the players are placed, or seeded, in order of their season's performance so that the best players don't meet each other until the final stages of the tournament. The word "seed" was first used in 1898.  What is the meaning of the word "seed" in tennis.

The youngest ever male winner of the Wimbledon tournament was Boris Becker in 1985. How old was he ?

The longest tennis match ever took place during the 2010 Wimbledon Championship between the French player Nicolas Mahout and the American John Isner. The match was continued over 3 days but how long did the players actually play for ?

The Williams Sisters have dominated women's tennis for many years. How many Wimbledon titles have they won in total (their individual titles and their doubles titles) ?

Who were the Wimbledon Champions last year (2016) in the Gentlemen's and Ladies' singles competition ?

Wimbledon is one of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments.  Which of the other three is played on clay?