Numbers in Sport

Numbers in Sport

Numbers in Sport

Numbers can be a difficult part of learning a new language.

New learners often confuse “hundreds” and “thousands”, “fifteen” and “fifty”, “half past six” with “six and a half hours” etc etc etc.

The only way to improve your number skills is with practice.

Start by learning important numbers for you: your age, your address, your phone number.

Then practice well known expressions such as “fifty-fifty”, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.

Also try this podcast in which Sue asks Chris 10 questions about numbers in sport.

You will need to listen several times; the first time you listen your main objective should be to focus on the numbers that Chris gives. Are you clear about 100s and 1000s ?  Can you recognize times ? Can you identity money quantities? What about dates ?

For the second time of listening,  focus on the questions and for the third time, just enjoy the conversation !

Then try this quiz in which you will see the same questions as in the podcast. How many numbers can you recognize ? Practice saying all the numbers in the quiz and then listen again to the podcast. Your progress will be AMAZING !

Numbers in sport

After listening to the podcast try this quiz to consolidate your number skills. You can check your own answers with Chris' attempts.

Holiday Quiz

Holiday Quiz

Holiday Quiz

Learn English vocabulary with this Holiday Quiz.

Are you ready for your holiday break ?

Have you ever wondered about the history of holidays ? Well, this quiz will answer some of those questions?

What is the difference between a holiday and a vacation ? This quiz will explain !

Do you think you have enough holiday time ? Do you know of a country where there is no legal holiday entitlement ? This quiz will put you in the picture.

Do you prefer a relaxing beach destination, an inspiring  mountain break, a sleepy countryside holiday or a bustling  city break ?  Whatever your choice this quiz will provide you with useful vocabulary and surprising general knowledge. 

Holiday Quiz

July and August are all about holidays. Try this quiz to see if you are ready for yours !

After doing the quiz, check out these other links which will really get you in the holiday mood:

Travel : Couch surfing PODCAST

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Travel : India PODCAST

Are you healthy on holiday QUIZ

History of Food QUIZ

History of Food QUIZ

History of Food QUIZ

Do you know the origins of your favorite foods ? Have you ever wondered where your favourite foods came from? You’d be surprised to discover the origins behind some of the most popular foods in the world. Have you thought about the origins of the hamburger, sandwich, French baguette or even the more fancy desserts?This quiz will really surprise you !

Many of the recipes and staple foods that we enjoy are the result of social change, economic consequences or sometimes just plain “happy” mistakes.

Many dishes that we think come from one country, either do not originate there, or are served in a completely different manner. Some things that we consider to be extremely popular in certain countries, or even believe are national dishes in certain places, may originate loosely in that country but are rarely eaten there.

Try this quiz, be prepared to be surprised ! 

History of Food Quiz

Try this quiz to whet your taste buds, expand your general knowledge and your English vocabulary.

You may not know the answer immediately so try to consider which answer options are probable, likely, possible, highly unlikely or just a joke !

Enjoy and Bon Appétit. 

Here at EFL Podblog we love to talk about food. So check out our series of food conversations which range from our favorite foods (intermediate level) to fancy high tech cooking (advanced level) to writing a food blog (pre-intermediate and intermediate level) . Enjoy and make a note of new vocabulary that you can use everyday !


The Foods We miss from The UK

Molecular gastronomy

Victoria – English Food Blogger

The Bone Crushing Game of Thrones Quiz

The Bone Crushing Game of Thrones Quiz

The Bone Crushing Game of Thrones Quiz; everything you need to know to watch the series in English !

The final season of the hit series Games of Thrones will be aired on April 14. Fans all over the world are waiting in anticipation for this global event. Indeed on average each episode regularly attracts over 30 millions viewers !

The best way to watch any series is in English.  Even if it is a challenge, you get so much more out of the series when watching in the original version. For example, do you know the different accents of the characters in GOT ? They really do add to the characterization. In the series many words have been invented to describe the different roles, jobs and attitudes.  Also to be authentic the actors had to learn several fictitious languages to differentiate the many different tribes and groups. You get all of this if you watch in English !

The award winning series has become known for its complicated story lines with a huge cast of 553 cast members in 67 episodes!  The series is also known for the gruesome bloody scenes, it is certainly not for the faint hearted !

SO BE WARNED….. this quiz also is full of blood and gore !

So, how is it possible to have a mere 25 questions for such a huge series ? Of course, it cannot cover all the story lines so it is designed to help English learners understand the vocabulary and grammar that you see in the episodes (strangulation, poison, bone crushing ……). 

If you are new to GOT you may not know this: the TV series is an adaptation of a trilogy of novels called  A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Both the novels and the TV series are set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos where noble dynasties fight, plot and scheme for the right to ascend to the Iron Throne. To add to the complication of political intrigue there is a dangerous exterior threat to the entire realm (“Winter is Coming”) from fierce creatures that lie far north of The Wall. 


This quiz covers action from season 1 to season 7, so if you are new to GOT you may not want to start the quiz just yet……

The Bone Crushing Game of Thrones Quiz

Are you up on the GRUESOME scenes, the INTRICATE story lines and the huge CAST of Games of Thrones? Try your luck with this quiz which has all the vocabulary you need to follow the series in English.

Regional food: Derbyshire

Regional food: Derbyshire

Regional food: Derbyshire

All countries have regional food specialities; France is famous for its regional cuisine and world wide renowned foods but what about the UK ? What types of dishes do you associate with the UK ?

Sue is from Derbyshire and she has a bit of difficulty trying to name 5 regional specialities ! 

Do you know where Derbyshire is ? Google it to find out !!!

She mentions 5 regional specialities, listen to the podcast and then take a look at these pictures and try to find the correct name for each dish.

 How does Sue describe this tart?


What does Sue really like about this meal ?


 What makes this cheese so green ?



When do we eat this particular cheese ?

 What does Chris say about this Northern speciality? 

 Where is this beer brewed ?

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