Fred’s bucket list

Fred’s bucket list

Listen to Fred talking about his bucket list.

As with many people, he wants to travel, perhaps all over the world, and a bucket list is a great way to tick off travel destinations.

The good thing about this is that as we tick off destinations, we get an appetite for even more travel.

But Bucket Lists are not just about doing scary or adventurous things, as Fred mentions, they can also be almost a personal development opportunity, making more ‘me’ or family time. 

Living in the present and savouring everyday moments can also be an opportunity that a Bucket List can present.

10 surprising things about Cape Town

10 surprising things about Cape Town

10 surprising things about Cape Town

Do you sometimes go on holiday and are surprised by what you find there? Away from the usual tourist attractions everyday life can be so different from your home town. 

What do you know about Cape Town ?

Politics ? Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years first in Robben Island and then in other prisons around Cape Town. Since the end of Apartheid Cape Town has become a vibrant melting pot.

Geography ? The landscape is dramatic thanks to the imposing sight of Table Mountain.

Wine ? The land around Cape Town is home to many vineyards producing first class wine.

Shopping ? The shops in the Waterfront centre are some of the best in the world.

The sea ? The dramatic coast line is home to penguins, sharks and whales.

But in this podcast Sue talks about what surprised her about her trip to Cape Town in South Africa.  These photos may help with some of the vocabulary. 

     This is a photo of the Hen Party which surprised Sue. Can you imagine what a Hen Party is and why it was surprising ? Why was the guide cross with these girls? 

  This is the weather down at the Cape of Good Hope. How does Sue describe it?

  What surprised Sue about the statues in Cape Town ?

  This is a poster about the water issue. How many liters of water are people supposed to use a day in order to cut down on water consumption? What exactly is Day Zero ?

  This is a car guard,  what were Sue’s impressions about crime in Cape Town ?




My Bucket List Sebastien

My Bucket List Sebastien

Sebastien shares his bucket list with us.

To be fair, he was asked with little or no time to think about it, so maybe, if we did it again, as we most probably will do, the bucket list would probably be very fifferent than this one.

It is quite an interesting exercise to redo a bucket list, as in fact, it almost forces people to really think about what they would lreally like to do – hence a bucket list is created almost by accident.

What should be top of your Bucket List

What should be top of your Bucket List

What should be top of your Bucket List

Everyone is talking about Bucket Lists !  But just what is a Bucket List ?

What should be top of your Bucket List? Quite simply it’s a wish list of things you would like to do ! These “things” can involve travel, culture, sport and even personal development. In fact anything that you dream of doing ! 

The standard internet Bucket List usually contains 100 activities…… that’s mind boggling !  So try this quiz which will guide you in the right direction to make a list best suited to your personality, and also give you an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary along the way…..but, hey, isn’t that already on your Bucket List ?  🙂

 SPEAKING: As a language learner these expressions could be useful:

I’ve already done that ….. I did it 3 years ago.

I could never do that….I would be afraid, I would be bored. 

That sounds fascinating, exciting, amazing, wonderful, terrifying, boring, mundane. 

 LISTENING: Don’t forget to practice your listening skills too. 

Click here to listen to Chris and Sue discussing their Buckets List.

Click here to hear what Etienne has to say about his Bucket List.

Click here here to hear what Henri, a new English learner, dreams of doing and see how Chris helps him to express his ideas.

But first, start here with the quiz.

What should be on your bucket list?

Are you sporty, cultural, an adrenalin addict, a romantic, a fun person, a traveller or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone? 

This quiz may inspire you start ticking off items on your own personal Bucket List.

Have fun !!!



Hervé Bellut, the creator of this self development board game, has had a varied and interesting career path.

His formal studies were in astrophysics, and as an aerospace engineer he went on to become interested in occupational stress in the workplace. This interest and development into Well Being  seemed a natural path to him because from a young age he had begun to learn yoga and in 1990 he became a yoga teacher and therapist.

Hervé uses meditation and yoga in his therapy sessions, training and workshops, in addition he has written books on the subject and is a frequent conference speaker.

From this experience, Hervé developed the “game” of INVITOSCOPE in order to help professionals in the workplace better understand their motivation, their path to creativity, their decision making process to reach fufillment and improve team building among colleagues.

French speakers would be interested to read “Les 7 invitations de l’Univers” which Hervé wrote in 2015 and is the foundation for his game INVITOSCOPE.








The Invitoscope Website

Comprehension and language focus quiz for Experiences on stage.

Comprehension and language focus quiz for Experiences on stage.

Before  doing this language quiz listen to the podcast Experiences of being on stage, the real life experiences of 2 stand-up comedians.

Comprehension and Language Quiz for the podcast Experiences of being on stage.

After listening to the podcast try this quiz to test your comprehension and language skills. 

The podcast was recorded in the Comedy Club so you may find the sound challenging, but you'll certainly find the language used helpful, fun and interesting.

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