Numbers in Sport

Numbers in Sport

Numbers in Sport.

Numbers can be a difficult part of learning a new language.

New learners often confuse “hundreds” and “thousands”, “fifteen” and “fifty”, “half past six” with “six and a half hours” etc etc etc.

The only way to improve your number skills is with practice.

Start by learning important numbers for you: your age, your address, your phone number.

Then practice well known expressions such as “fifty-fifty”, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.

Also try this podcast in which Sue asks Chris 10 questions about numbers in sport.

You will need to listen several times; the first time you listen your main objective should be to focus on the numbers that Chris gives. Are you clear about 100s and 1000s ?  Can you recognize times ? Can you identity money quantities? What about dates ?

For the second time of listening,  focus on the questions and for the third time, just enjoy the conversation !

TRY THIS QUIZ IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PODCAST: you will hear the same questions in the podcast as in the quiz. How many numbers can you recognize ? Practice saying all the numbers in the quiz and then listen again to the podcast. Your progress will be AMAZING !

Numbers in sport

After listening to the podcast try this quiz to consolidate your number skills. You can check your own answers with Chris' attempts.

Le Tour de France comes to Toulouse

Le Tour de France comes to Toulouse

Le Tour de France comes to Toulouse

STAGE 11: ALBI – TOULOUSE 17 July 2019

Wednesday 17 July – Following the first rest day of this year’s race, the Tour de France continues with stage 11 from Albi to Toulouse.

The 167 kilometres route meanders through the south of France against the backdrop of the Pyrenees on what is described as a flat stage, although there were plenty of hills to climb for the riders.

The last sections were pretty flat,  so a bunch sprint is the most likely outcome.

The Thinking Person’s non-football quiz about Russia.

The Thinking Person’s non-football quiz about Russia.

The Thinking Person’s non-football quiz about Russia.

So, after one week of watching the Football World Cup and the endless attempts by journalists to make interesting reports and write entertaining articles about Russia, what have you learnt about this country ?

Forget the football are you a champion at general knowledge ? Test yourself with this Thinking Person’s non-football quiz.

Don’t worry about the offside rule concentrate your energy on improving your ability to make an educated guess !

Has all the buzz about Russia inspired you to put the country on your Holiday Bucket List? Take a look at some of these Bucket List suggestions, what do you think ? Tempted ? 

1. Party like a Russian in Moscow

This is truly a city that never sleeps, hosting some of the wildest parties and most lavish theatre performances. In a country where buying a ticket to the ballet or opera means planning months before the performance, make sure not to miss the hype and experience the legend of the Bolshoi Theatre. Later, you can  continue the night on to the streets in the centre, where you’ll find some of the most classy nightclubs.

2. Buy amber in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is the most western city in Russia and possibly also one the most European-looking ones. Due to its unique location on the shore of Baltic sea, it is known as the amber capital of the country, as most of these semi-precious stones come from that city. So once you are done with your fan duties and you can get some memories shaped in amber stone to take home with you.

3. Experience White Nights magic in St Petersburg

Every June, The Venice of North, as St Petersburg is sometimes called, holds a huge festival to celebrate ‘white nights’ – the whole month without a proper night. Due to the northern location of the city, in June, the day almost never ends, and the nights look more like an overcast day. The whole city is out partying and enjoying rooftop terraces and some fine dining, and the culmination of the month is the beautiful Scarlet Sails festival – a spectacular music, light and theatrical performance right on Neva river.

4. Visit ‘The Motherland Calls’ in Volgograd

As one of the most important cities in the south of Russia, Voldograd is a popular tourist destination. The city’s fame is linked with the biggest memorial complex in Russia: The Motherland Calls. Dedicated to the Stalingrad battle of the Second World War, this statue is one of the tallest in the world and undoubtedly one of the most impressive.

5. Be inspired by space in Samara

If you’re fascinated by the history of space exploration, and Russia’s role in the space race, head to the Museum of Space History in Samara. Filled with information about Russian space expeditions and development, rockets and other spectacular equipment, this museum is a great getaway for several hours between the World Cup matches.

6. Taste Caucasian cuisine in Sochi

Sochi is a multicultural city offering plenty of different cuisines and dishes, although Caucasian cuisine is the most beloved by locals as well as tourists. The rich taste and original recipes make the dishes totally irresistible, and walking around the city, you’ll catch the scent of spices and grilled meat, along with the distinctive flavour of fresh lavash bread. Spend time with friends at Sochi’s Caucasian restaurants and enjoy great food.

The Intelligent Person’s Russian Non football Quiz

Forget the football, are you a champion at general knowledge ?


Of course if you want to learn some football vocabulary, click on this link and if you want to try some more of our Thinking Brainy Quizzes, click here.


The Curious Off Side Football World Cup Quiz

The Curious Off Side Football World Cup Quiz

The Curious Off Side Football World Cup Quiz

The Curious Off Side Football World Cup Quiz – Learn English with the Football World Cup 2018

Learn English with the Football World Cup 2018. The 21st World Cup in Russia is starting on 14th June 2018.

Are you a fan of football ? If you are, you are in for a real football festival, if not, you are in for 4 very tedious weeks !

Whatever your view, it is a world event with billions of viewers for every match.

Some basic facts:

  • 32 national teams which are put into 8 groups of 4 teams.
  • The 2 top teams of each group will go through to the knockout rounds (quarter finals, semi finals and the final).
  •  The final will take place on 15 July in Moscow with an estimated TV audience of over 3 billion.
  • Each team is allowed a final squad of 23 players (three of whom must be goalkeepers). However, players in the final squad may be replaced due to serious injury up to 24 hours prior to kickoff of the team’s first match, where the replacement players do not need to be in the preliminary squad.
  • Russia is a big country and the stadiums are thousands of miles apart, so where will the matches be played? Take a look at the map.

  • One of the favorites to win is  Brazil, and indeed Brazil and Italy have won 9 World Cup titles between them and Brazil. has won 47% of the 19 tournaments held.
  • to get a full list of fixtures check out the FIFA website

But of course here at EFL PODBLOG we love the off-the-wall facts and this quiz includes the crazy, unusual aspects of such a world event. So you definitely don’t need to be a football expert to get tops marks in this quiz, just use your imagination and common sense !

So are you ready for kick off ? Get your boots on and let’s get started……

You’ll certainly expand your vocabulary and learn some strange facts along the way. 

You’ll find that these questions are great for a pub quiz evening too !

The Curious Offside Football World Cup Quiz

Try this quiz with a friend, there will be plenty to discuss !


In keeping with the sporting theme, you can test your knowledge of sporting expressions with this quiz.




Winter Sports quiz

Winter Sports quiz

Winter Sports quiz

This Winter sports quiz includes some of the more common individual sports include cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, speed skating, figure skating, luge, skeleton, bobsleigh and snowmobiling.

Common team sports include ice hockey, curling and bandy.

How much do you know about winter sports?

NB This is not a quiz for experts.

Welcome to your Best winter sports quiz (definitely not for experts !).


This sport is one of the sports in the winter olympics. What is it called ?

This Olympic sport is called the "Skeleton" in which riders hurtle head first down an icy track. What is the top speed recorded during an Olympic Games ?

Where is the highest ski resort in the world?

Curling is often known as "chess on ice". What is the aim of the game?

What is the world record for the tallest snowman ever?

Nerves of steal are needed for this sport and it seems to attract "dare devil" personalities. What is the nick-name of one of the most unusual dare devil competitors who took part in this sport in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

From the following list of winter sports, which list includes an outdoor winter sport?

What is the name of this particular sport in which competitors take off from a 2 to 4 metre ramp and then they are judged on the degree of difficultly (DD) of their jump maneuvers?

The biggest snowball fight took place in Saskatoon, Canada on 31st January 2016. How many people took part?

One of the nicest films about winter sports is the Disney film "Rasta Rocket". Which country did the bob sleighers represent?
Are you an Olympics Mastermind?

Where were the first winter Olympic games held?

From the list below, which move is NOT a real move in figure skating?

What is the origin of the word "ski"?

Snow canons are used these days to boost low snow levels. When was the patent for the artificial snow canon first approved?

This is a new extreme winter sport. The first world championship was held in 2007 in Lienz, Austria. What are the traditional skis replaced with?

Be sure to click Submit Quiz to see your results!

List of Winter Sports

6 Nations Rugby Six amazing anthems

6 Nations Rugby Six amazing anthems

6 Nations Rugby Six amazing anthems

The Six Nations Rugby tournament 2018 started on Saturday 3 February with the first match with Wales v Scotland from The Pricipality Stadium, followed by France v Ireland from Le Stade de France.

This year’s tournament promises to be a good one after the autumn internationals where Scotland showed a marked improvement.

Who can forget the performance that Ireland put in to beat New Zealand and then England beating Australia twice?

Everyone (as always) will want to beat England – 2016 Grand Slam winners and winners of the 2017 6 Nations on a roll of 23 matches unbeaten out of 24 played.

It looks to be a wide-open tournament – let’s get in the mood with some of those spine-tingling anthems.

Who do you think will win?

Can you predict the match scores?

There is a 1 year bragging rights for the overall winner of the match predictions!

Who will win The 6 Nations rugby tournament 2018?

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