The Environment

Drowning in Plastic trailer

Drowning in Plastic trailer Drowning in Plastic trailer - Liz Bonnin reveals the full scale of the world’s plastic problem and its impact on wildlife, exploring ways in which science can offer a solution. Our blue planet is facing one its biggest threats in human...

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The worst polluters in the world

The worst polluters in the world are generally assumed to be the oil, mining and manufacturing industries. Industrial wastes are one of the top sources of environmental pollution. Across the world, untreated or improperly treated industrial waste pollutes the air,...

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Understanding The COP 21

Understanding The COP 21 What is the ‘conference of parties’, and why you will hear more about it as the year-end approaches? Understanding The COP 21 It was COP-3, in Kyoto, Japan, that gave rise to the Kyoto Protocol, that placed international obligations on the set...

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Adaptation to Climate Change

Adaptation to climate change Adaptation to Climate Change, means anticipating the adverse effects of climate change and taking appropriate action to prevent or minimise the damage they can cause, or taking advantage of opportunities that may arise. It has been shown...

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