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Write a Guest Blog Post or record a podcast – Do you want to become part of a community of forward-looking English learners and practitioners?

And you want more people to know who you are?

Well today is your lucky day – if you answered yes to all of those questions, Why not write for us on our EflPodblog!

An introduction to the EFL PodBlog

The purpose of EFL PodBlog is to create posts, videos and podcasts that explore a host of subjects in a different way to help learners and practitioners of English as a second language.

Specifically, we are creating a compendium of posts that:

Offer sometimes controversial opinions about major topics in the news.
Discuss lesser-known events that are happening around us.
Provide humorous introductions to topics in EFL, ESOL, TESOL, TEFL
Show interesting ideas, podcasts, pictures, and videos

Who can write for us?

We’re not after any sort of person in particular.
Anybody who can write with flair, has a creative brain, and a knowledge of various topics can write for us – no experience is required!

We are particularly interested in posts that are original and that might challenge traditional ideas on learning in general or on learning English as a second language. For the podcasts, we are looking for real people, talking about real subjects – you do not need to be a native English speaker, just understandable for our listeners.

The same can be said for Podcasts – all you need is your smartphone or other recording materials, contact us and send in your podcast – we will add an intro and an end to the podcasts and publish those which we accept on EFL PodBlog and on iTunes.

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